The Genocide Project Welcome to The Genocide Project. This wiki will take you through the project that I have embarked on with my Grade 7/8 class. We have spent a lot of time this year engaged in projects that explore issues of social justice and inequality. We spent all of November and December exploring the issues of homelessness and poverty. This included the reading of the book Shattered by Eric Walters. In this novel, the main character, Ian, works at a soup kitchen in Toronto in order to pass his Grade 10 Social Studies. During his time at the kitchen, Ian meets a member of the Canadian Peacekeepers Force that served in Rwanda during the genocide. This part of the book prompted my class to ask many questions about what genocide is. From those questions, I decided to explore the topics of Genocide and Racism for our next unit of inquiry. This site will take you through our exploration and profile our cumulating project that was to be profiled on Youth Voices but due to unforeseen issues with that application will now be shared with their peers, parents and teachers on our Genocide Project WIki.

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